Sunday, 8 May 2011

Funny isn't it?

Life that is... what a roller coaster it turns out to be most of the time. Apologies Andrea my love for being so slack about writing on here... I logged in today to actually delete my blog, read everything from the beginning and have renewed my ambition to blog more often.

I'm happy - there, I said it.

I can actually look at my life at the moment and each and every part of it is going in a positive direction. My family are all good, getting much needed operations, coming on an extended holiday to see us, working through various issues, being as cute as pie (that would be my amazing nieces) - its stressful I think when you know your family are facing tough times, but also reassuring to know that you'll all be there for each other should someone need you.

Just got back from an amazing holiday that I went on for a friends wedding - it really was special and I not only got to spend some quality time with the people who are all heading off to Australia to live (yes, my circle is getting smaller yet again) - but got to spend some time with one of my most favourite people in the world. A friend I have known since the first day of school, who gets me and has always been able to make me laugh - she's tough, soft, caring, doesn't take shit and cracks me up to the point of crying. I already miss her, and wish we could live in the same place to get to see each other all the time (not sure I could keep up with the drinking though :o)

Work wise I am extremely happy - its a job that can give you huge highs and plunge you into massive despair too... but for the first time, I am so motivated by work, and really really enjoying it. What I get out of this job is directly related to what I put it - I will be successful if I work hard, and I love that - nothing worse than feeling like you're putting in the effort and getting none of the rewards!

Love life... well, that is going very well too. The man I am seeing is completely different to anyone I have been with / imagined myself with in the past, but its going well. I'm still nervous and holding back quite a bit I think, it was a slow start and we've taken our time getting to where we are. He is really good to me and although there are 'cultural' differences (he likes football for goodness sake) - I don't think it is a big issue. And its kind of fun to get to know each other slowly and not blurt out all the facts in one conversation.
Not focussing on the fact that we want to live on opposite sides of the earth, but enjoying it for what it is at the moment.

Wow - I feel pretty blessed at the moment and since getting back from holiday promised myself I am going to get back on the healthy band wagon as well, exercise makes me feel amazing, and as I already do... well, I'll be euphoric surely? ;o)

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Andrea said...

Hi darling, so good to see you back and happy, I just read ur pm will reply soon xxx love you x